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Govt resolute in fight against corruption

Government says it remains committed to eradicating corruption in the country while respecting judicial independence.

It further in a statement says it fully subscribes to the constitutional rights of all accused persons in Malawi and to accord them due process, a fair trial, and the presumption of innocence until found guilty by the courts.

The statement, signed by Minister of Information and Digitalisation,Moses Kunkuyu, who is also a government spokesperson, comes in the wake of the announcement by the United States Embassy in Lilongwe that it has banned four former government officials, who are accused of corruption, from entering the US.

Capital Hill emphasizes that it respects the right of the US Government as a custodian of a sovereign state to bar any persons from other countries from entering its borders.

However, the Malawi government says it respects the rights of those accused of wrongdoing until proven guilty.

The statement further says the government will continue engaging the US government directly in the spirit of bilateral respect to ensure continued respect of the independence of Malawi’s judiciary in determining the capability of any accused person without undue external influence.


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