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Police rescues villagers from killer Hippo

Police in Dowa District have rescued some villagers around Kalipano at Mponela from a hippopotamus, which charged towards them along the banks of Kateme Stream where it was grazing.

Macpatson Msadala, Police publicist for Mponela, says initially, they had reported the matter to Lilongwe Wildlife officers once the animal was spotted.

However, Msadala says the animal was agitated when people got closer to admire it and in the process attacked Lyford Chikolosa, who was injured together with Charles Marko.

Kalipano Police Unit officers threatened the animal by firing shots in the air but it was a futile attempt and they eventually killed the animal.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the hippo is one of the endangered animals on the planet.

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