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Family Planning Association of Malawi (FPAM) has called on those celebrating valentine’s day, especially couples, to prioritize safe sex to avoid possible regrets.

FPAM Communications and Advocacy Officer, Faith Kadzanja, emphasized during an interview with MBC the importance of being responsible when it comes to sexual affairs amidst the excitement of Valentine’s Day.

She said there are various contraceptive options available free of charge in public hospitals, clinics, and FPAM centres, making unintended pregnancies post-Valentine’s Day stress avoidable.

“Valentine’s Day brings joy, but amidst the excitement, sexual responsibility is paramount. Those that are sexually active must prioritize their well-being,” she said.

Kadzanja underscored the societal impact of unintended pregnancies, which can disrupt educational pursuits and hinder future career aspirations.

Reported by Miriam Kaliza

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