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MEPA intensifies stakeholder engagement on national state of the environment

The Malawi Environmental Protection Authority (MEPA) has intensified its engagement with key stakeholders to address the nation’s environmental challenges.

The initiative seeks to influence policy-making and contribute to the forthcoming Malawi State of the Environment Outlook Report.

“The dialogues we are conducting are key in shaping the policies that will safeguard our environment for future generations,” said  Taonga Mbale, Acting Director General of MEPA, during a media briefing held in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Lilongwe.

As nations worldwide grapple with the adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation, Malawi is taking proactive steps to integrate environmental considerations across various economic sectors.

“Our Agriculture, Tourism, and Mining (ATM) Strategy is contingent on a well-managed environment. These discussions with stakeholders are crucial for our collective future,” Mbale emphasised.

A cross section of AEJ members attending the orientation

Cecelia Aipira, Director of Disasters and Conflicts Branch at UNEP, highlighted the significance of the stakeholder engagements.

“Our collaboration with the Malawian Government has revealed the critical need for a comprehensive analysis of the environmental landscape. The Malawi State of Environment Outlook Report will serve as a foundation for devising strategic environmental interventions,” said Aipira.

Echoing the sentiment, Matthews Malata, President of the Association of Environmental Journalists in Malawi (AEJ), underscored the role of the press: “Environmental journalists must be integral to the discourse on environmental matters. Their contributions are essential in informing and educating the public.”

MEPA and UNEP have scheduled a series of stakeholder engagements, including sessions with Members of Parliament, to further the environmental agenda. The last Malawi State of the Environment Outlook Report was published over a decade ago, in 2010, underscoring the urgency for updated and actionable environmental data.

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