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Maranatha Academy urges private schools to offer value for money

Maranatha Academy has called on private schools in Malawi to prioritise offering value for money in their educational services.

Ernest Kaonga, Managing Director of Maranatha Academy, highlighted the financial struggles parents and guardians face in raising school fees and covering miscellaneous expenses for their children’s education.

“Parents and guardians are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the costs associated with private education,” Kaonga noted.

“It is only fair that those who pay the fees see tangible results, such as their wards passing exams and being selected for university.”

Kaonga’s remarks come hot on the heels of the institution sending another batch of 25 students to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), in addition to the 246 students from Maranatha Schools who were selected to pursue various courses at the country’s top universities.

“Our passion at Maranatha Schools is to provide excellent education to students and ensure they pass with flying colours in national examinations. Despite not always getting the cream of students, or receiving those who have been withdrawn from other institutions due to poor academic performance, we work with them and produce stellar results. That’s what we want other private schools to emulate,” Kaonga said.

“In the recent National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) release, Maranatha Academy sent 246 students to university. Now, we are also very proud that we have sent another group of 25 students to LUANAR. This achievement makes all of us at Maranatha and the guardians very happy.”

According to Kaonga, his call to action serves as a reminder to all private educational institutions to deliver on their promises and ensure that the education they provide justifies the financial investment made by parents.

In conclusion Kaonga said Maranatha Academy will continue  to set  high standards in education, it hopes to inspire other schools to follow suit, ensuring a brighter future for all students in Malawi.


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