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Ethiopian Airlines is set to launch a flight from Africa to Pakistan.

The inaugural flight is scheduled for the 8th of May, 2023 from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Karachi in Pakistan.

This means that people travelling from Malawi will simply just have to fly to Addis Ababa to get a direct flight to Pakistan.

Negotiations to restart direct flights from Africa to Pakistan were started in 2020 by the Pakistan Overseas Community President (POC) Chaudhry Karamat Ullah after flights were suspended in 2004.

According to the President of POC, the door from the African continent to Pakistan is set to open wider and is set to put Malawi on the Map.

”We are very excited to announce the launch of the first-ever direct flights between Africa and Pakistan which is aimed at promoting trade and tourism between Malawi, Pakistan and the rest of the African continent,” said the POC President.

This milestone means that the journey from Malawi to Pakistan which used to take over 40 hours will be reduced to only 12 hours.

Over 9 million Pakistanis staying overseas will be able to take advantage of this newly introduced Ethiopian Airlines flight which is set to commence on 08 May 2023.

The Area Manager for Ethiopian Airlines in Malawi  Theodros Mahtemeselassie has since described the resumption of the flight as commendable since it will cater for the larger population of Pakistanis living across Africa.

“Ethiopian Airlines has a vast network throughout the continent and this is a better opportunity for a direct commercial flight to Pakistan,” pointed out MahtemeSelassie.

The Airline has also acknowledged the key role played by the President of the Pakistan Overseas Committee (POC) Chaudhry Karamat Ullah who they closely worked from the initial stage until the process was finalized.

The newly introduced direct flights from Africa to Karachi will be held four times a week. Plans are in the pipeline to extend the flights to other Pakistan cities of Lahore and the Capital Islamabad.

Now that the dream is a reality Chaudhry Karamat Ullah extends his thanks and gratitude to the rest of the Pakistan Overseas Community (POC TEAM) for their unwavering support.


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