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The Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) has found that 62 percent of employers do not know about the labour standards that are recognised around the world.

Because of this knowledge gap, workers in different industries continue to be mistreated.

ECAM Executive Director,  George Khaki, expressed disappointment over the slow adoption of new rules meant to replace the use of tenancy labour.

Khaki expressed his observation at a recent workshop in Lilongwe that centred on discussing accepted labour standards internationally. The association arranged the workshop with help from the International Labour Organization (ILO) to improve understanding of labour laws and ensure compliance.

Part of the participants in the workshop

He disclosed that ECAM has started a campaign all over the country to educate and make employers aware of international labour rules.

“We decided to do this because during our training needs assessment conducted by ECAM under ILO, we noticed that a significant number of companies and their employees are not familiar with the international labour standards,” he explained.

Commenting on the development, Hlalerwayo Kelvin Nyangulu, who is the Labour Commissioner in the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development, said that the government is dedicated to creating a good work environment.

Nyangulu said: “The government got rid of tenancy labour as a way to resolve challenges experienced in the job market. We are also  promoting fair employment in the tobacco industry, as well as in other sectors.”

Tenancy is abolished

In his remarks, Madalitso Njolomole, Secretary General of the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU), lauded ECAM for the actions they have taken to resolve problems in the labour industry.

Nyangulu – Govt will ensure a fair and decent workplace 

“First let me also thank ECAM and the International Labour  Organisation (ILO) for organising this training workshop. We also noticed that several ECAM members especially the human resource officers are not aware of international labour standards. So this training is going to highlight or is going to enhance their capacity in terms of manual labour laws and international labour standards to smooth out the relationship between the workers and the employers,” said Njolomole.


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