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NTLEP hails media, clergy in fight against TB and Leprosy

National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Elimination Programme (NTLEP) says the media and faith leaders are contributing greatly to the fight against Tuberculosis and Leprosy.

Community Mobilisation and Engagement Officer for the Program, Beatrice Nindi said this during a biannual meeting for journalists who report on the diseases.

Nindi pointed out that the media has played a crucial role in raising awareness about TB and leprosy, emphasising that the battle against these diseases cannot be won without the involvement of other sectors.

She said in addition to raising awareness, faith leaders have also helped in identifying cases among their followers.

Father Gerald Malota of Dedza Catholic Diocese said the church has made significant progress in awareness campaigns by teaching congregants the importance of early hospital visits and commitment to treatment, among other things.

By Henry Haukeya

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