Malawi needs forgiveness, love and prayers to overcome political, constitutional challenges: Prophet Israel

Written by  MBC Online


MBC Online recently engaged Prophet Israel of Divine Love Church of All Nations based in the Malawian capital  Lilongwe, to discuss the political and constitutional challenges the country is facing following the disputed May 21, 2019 presidential poll. Excerpts from that interview:

Q: Malawi is going through political and constitutional challenges following the February 3 Concourt ruling. What's your personal view on how we can overcome these challenges? 

A: To be honest, there are many ways with which we can overcome all the political and constitutional challenges Malawi nation is now going through. First of all, we need forgiveness: We must forgive each other despite  political differences. We need to put behind us all grudges, differences, hatred, misunderstandings and move on as a nation.


Secondly, we need to love each other with true love from God. And with love, we can work together and make our nation successful. But without love, we cannot work together as a nation. And the results could be divisions in this country. But we no longer need divisions in Malawi. And we must not entertain and tolerate divisions here. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Together with forgiveness, love and prayers, we can overcome all our political challenges.


Q: Everybody talks about prayers to God for Malawi to get healed of its political wounds? Do you agree? 


A:Yes I can agree with you. We need prayers: Prayer is the only weapon with which we can resolve all our political challenges. And for sure with prayers, and trusting God, we can change our nation.


Q: Almost every prophet prophesizes about Malawi's future, even indicating who is going to win the fresh presidential poll. Should Malawians really believe prophets? 


A: For sure we need to believe prophets, but not all prophets we should believe. Because not all prophets are truly from God. And you shall know them by their fruits. (Matt: 7:15-20.). Whilst other prophets are truly from God, believing them is a blessing to the nation. 2 Chronicles 20:20.


Q: If you were the President of Malawi, what would you do to end extreme poverty and other vices afflicting the country? 

A: .If I were the President, I would first of all ask all Malawians to join hands in unity, and work together to promote the development of  this nation, just as the incumbent President is doing. We must know that no single person can work alone to end the  poverty and develop the country. So we must join hands together with the current President and move this country forward.


Q: What's your last word?

A: I just want to let all Malawians know that only God chooses a leader. And now we must respect APM as our President as he is only doing his job as President of the nation. Let's not fight. Let’s respect each other. God bless Malawi and her leaders, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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