Malawi's own Aemo E'Face over the moon with international breakthrough

Written by  Chipiliro Mtumodzi

There was a time when it was unheard of for a Malawian musician to make it anywhere else apart from a few radio airplays and a show here and there within the country.  Well fast forward to 2019 Malawian artists are slowly breaking the glass ceiling and gaining recognition across the boarders. One of the latest to do so is Aemo E'Face, a true son of the soil who clinched a contract with 'Thee' Universal Music Group's Africa division.  He recently released his second single titled "Die For You" which is making waves on the South African Music Scene.  MBC Online recently caught up with the Malawian music export :


Q: What's the new single about?

A: ‘Die for You’ is my new single and I can say one of my finest works thus far simply because it is a story from my heart. I believe that music is a tool to connect with people’s emotions and just become one with them and this song is one of those.

The song narrates a love struggle that most people have gone through at some stage in their life. It is about a couple that comes together and falls in love; everything remains great until that third person comes in and starts saying they are not good for each other. This causes tension in every relationship regardless of how strong it may be and you start second guessing yourselves.
However, in this story we have a happy ending where the two come together and commit their lives to each other and say ‘Regardless of what people say, I will still love you and be with you. I would actually die for you’.


Q: How involved were you in as far as the writing of this new single is concerned?


A: As a songwriter I feel like I can only tell my story best, myself. I wrote ‘Die For You’before bringing in other creatives onboard to bounce of ideas based on what I already wrote. Making music is never an isolated experience, you need to hear the opinions and input of other you highly respect to create timeless, beautiful work. Energy is something I rate of high importance when choosing the people I work with, if we don’t have musical synergy and synergy on a personal level they it won’t work. I am all about energies. Alexis Faku, one of the legends in the music business and Mariechan, an extremely talent singer and songwriter whom I featured on the song, came in and assisted with the writing. This collaborative effort and support from the experienced writers led to this timeless work of art.

 I featured Mariechan, one of South Africa’s most talented singers. She has come a long way from Coca Cola Pop Stars to being in one of South Africa’s most renowned girl groups, Jamali, as the lead singer. She has gone on to do great for her self as a solo artist, serenading audiences with a powerful yet gentle voice. It has been an honor working with her and we have a great personal relationship so that helps.


Q: How has the song been received in South Africa and the rest of the continent?


A: The reception has been great, support is great in South Africa. The song is receiving significant plays and that’s just the beginning even as we are still in promoting the single across the country on a media tour. South Africa has a long list of media all in different regions; we have covered the most part of Gauteng and will be venturing into the other territories to spread the love. The journey has just began and I am up for it.

Nigeria has come as a surprise; it has been showing the song a lot of love as well and that’s the home of Afrobeats. Nigeria is the leading hub of music innovation on the continent, as saturated as the music industry is that side – then supporting my song is just another indication that I am on the right track and that music knows no boundaries. I guess this shows that the continent is now ready for a new sound, new stars and I am up there fighting for that spot.

Q: With two singles released under the new label, is the album coming anytime soon?


A: The most part of 2019 was to defined my sound in details and release some music, we will start discussions around an album in 2020; for now the focus is on the singles, we need to build on that. We have to be able to have enough to give the people. I don’t want to rush the process of putting out my debut album; as my first official body of work, it has to be special, speak to the artist that I am and be release at the right time.

Timing is everything. Gone are the days where music lovers get short-changed of their hard earned money buying an album only for one particular song. Every song needs to evoke a certain emotion, speak to a particular experience in your life and inspire to be better and do more. An album that spreads good energies and is relatable. Even the visuals, my videos will be carefully curated to tell beautiful stories. This has to be the best work ever after Micheal Jackson’s thriller.


Q:When are you planning to come to Malawi to promote your music through concerts?


A:This is a discussion my Publicist Tshiamo Monyobo and I have actually had. Everything on the continent is becoming more and more accessible, tours are most possible, barriers are being broken, therefore performances in Malawi are high on my list. We planning on arranging those, Malawi is my home and I would love their support throughout my career. I would love to have some intimate shows and connect with my people. That is something my entire team here and I have to sit down and talk about. We will set it up and communicate with the media that side on dates. It will be lovely.

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