Q&A: Ewe, Hip-hop star

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In 2015, the twin duo of Wiza and Westa who trade under the showbiz ID of W-Twice joined forces with Nepman to do a track called Wadutsa Pompa  which is found in their Afana Chimodzimodzi Mixtape. In turn, five girls-Fortune, Danish, Kwin Bee, Enweezy and Ewe did a Wadutsa Pompa remix which they called Ndadutsa Pompo which was meant to discredit the earlier works of W-Twice and Nepman. MBC Online caught up with one of the girls, Ewe, and they discussed the song’s impact on her music journey, and other issues:


Q: What’s your real name and how old are you?
A:  My real name is Lebohang Chagomelana Ngalawa and I m 23.

Q:  This music. Where exactly is it coming from?
A: I started my music in 2014 but I have always loved listening to all kinds of genres. I was introduced into music by my family. All of my sisters have been doing music in the past as Vocalists to some of the country’s top Gospel artists such as Wycliffe Chimwendo and Llyod Phiri. So from there I've been enjoying music. Besides that, I grew up in an extended family- where almost everybody had their taste musically. This exposed me to a number of genres, before I settled for Hip-Hop.

Q: Malawi came to know you after you featured in Ndadutsa pompa remix, is there anything notable about you before that song?
A: Before Ndadusa pompo I had this song called Celebration, that was a solo project, though it didn’t made it big,  but that’s how people recognised my skill in Rap.  Before ‘Ndadusa Pompo’ I’ve also been collaborating with alot of people.  There is Dolo wamu hood Anthem which featured alot of Artist and I was in it too.

Q: How did Wadusa pompo helped to uplift you music career?
A: Ndadusa pompo helped me a lot. This is a fact I can’t deny. It was a response to the guys song so people were on a look out, and how I composed my verse so many people said it was outstanding besides that, the song was on top of the Airwaves with the video that song made it big, thats how people also knew me alot more

Q: Any notable project after that song?
A: After Ndadusa Pompo, I went on a solo project again. A song called SOMN(StayOuttaMaNthowa) it enjoyed a few airplays but i didn’t go on with a video since I was busy with school but also I didn’t had enough finance to go through with it.

Q: Where do you want to see yourself in the next few years?
A: Am working a lot on my rap right now and singing, am hoping to release an Extended Playlist(EP)this year or next year if it all goes well, I know if I can push through it, I can make it big in the industry. Am sure the game is not crowded for a carnivore, and I believe am more than that.

Q: Apart from this music, what else do you do?
A:  Am still in school. I am studying Computer Information Science at Chancellor College. I am also a poet and I have published a number of my works in our local newspapers.

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