Written by  McDonald Chiwayula
The Malawi Revenue Authority says the new tax measures are providing more relief to taxpayers and creating opportunities for the business fraternity.
Kapoloma: 'We want to clear out misconceptions on the new tax measures' Kapoloma: 'We want to clear out misconceptions on the new tax measures'
The tax collecting body affirmed the position during 2021/2022  NEW TAX MEASURES MEDIA TRAINING in Blantyre.
Head of Corporate Affairs at MRA, Steven Kapoloma, said there's a misrepresentation of facts on the new tax measures, hence the training to the media.
"There's a gross misunderstanding on the new tax measures, especially on Advance Income Tax. One does not pay tax for goods that haven't landed in the country. Tax is only effected once goods are at the border post in Malawi. 
"If the goods are for personal use and meet the criteria for the same, tax exemptions are applied, so we are relying on the media to clarify these new tax measures," said Kapoloma.
Kapoloma also said Government has deliberately introduced a change in PAYE structure to  Increase the disposable income of salaried employees.
He said: "These new tax measures including the Duty-Free Week are for the general good of the taxpayer and business community."
Participants to the training pose with MRA
On his part, the president of Blantyre Press Club (BPC), Blessings Kanache said the training has been an eye-opener.
"Tax issues are broad and media practitioners need to be conversant with the new measures so that they disseminate the correct information to the masses," said Kanache.
MRA organised the media training in collaboration with BPC, a grouping of media professionals drawn from media houses across the Southern Region. 

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