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Four prominent international observer groups on Thursday thumbed-up Malawians for holding a peaceful vote, the sixth multiparty poll since the end of the one-party era 25 years ago, with the Commonwealth saying the electoral process so far will “serve as an inspiration for the rising tide of democracy throughout the Commonwealth.”


MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah has bashed politiicians for making "political statements  that can stir unfavourable orientation of the public towards the Commission" and that imply declaration of victory.


Dr. Lazarus Mccathy Chakwera, presidential candidate of the Malawi Congress Party, was leading by 8.970 votes against DPP torchbearer Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as of Wednesday night.



 MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah Wednesday morning warned that "there is no shortcut to results counting," urging Malawians to exercise "patience as results are being counted."

Ansah told journalists at a media briefing that as results started being received at the national tally centre in Blantyre, Malawians should "exercise caution with unofficial results."


"While some results reflect how people have voted and help shape expectations, some are outright falsehood which can incite violence," she said.


As of Wedneday morning, only 9 percent of the tallied results had been received at the tally centre but were not publicly announced.

She assured the nation that results were being verified by auditors and later endorsed by MEC.

Ansah said MEC had planned for all scenarios for results transmission in case of technical glitches. "Our systems are up and running and that there is no interruption."

She praised Malawians for the big turn out to "vote peacefully."

"What we have done is what other countries envy to achieve," she said, adding that :"We neeed to pat ourselves on the back for holding violent free elections with no loss of life."

Early indications show that the presidential race is tighly fought between incumbent President Arthur Petetr Mutharika, Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima.

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