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‘There is more to demonstrations than Ansah resignation calls’- Patel

Written by  MBC Online

Political scientist and academic Nandin Patel says she believe there was more to the weekly demonstrations than the calls for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

Nandin Patel Nandin Patel

She said  it remains a "moral responsibility and personal decision for one to resign."

 “Is this the way to remove our office-bearers when there are set procedures? Why can’t we abide by rule of law?," she asked.

She said that demonstrators were also expressing sentiments that they want change and fighting corruption.

Patel said much as demonstrations were a constitutional right, there was a need for clarity on what people are demonstrating for.

Asked Patel: “If we talk about the fight for political justice, why disrupt the work of the electoral management body?”

Patel, an accomplished academic who has extensively researched and published on elections and democracy, said this barely weeks after she also dismissed Ansah’s resignation calls, saying they were lacking legal basis.


The calls for Ansaha to reswign, are being spearheaded by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) backed by MCP and UTM parties which have opetitioned the court to nullify the presidential poll results.


The constitutional court sitting in Lilongwe this Thursday starts hearing the presidential results petition in a high profile trial to be beamed live on private radios and public broadcaster MBC TV and radio.

Ansah declared President Arthur Peter Mutharika winner of the May 21 vote. The MCP and UTM charge that the vote was rigged by MEC in favour of Mutharika.


Both Ansah and Mutharika have denied rigging the vote, with Ansah saying MEC run a credible and fair poll, while the President says he doesnt know how to rig a vote and he won on a clean slate.


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