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Mutharika: ‘There was no rigging, I don’t know how to rig an election’

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Re-elected President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika declared on Sunday “there was no rigging” in the May 21 poll that he won with more than 150,000 votes in the presidential race.

Re-elected APM: I don't know how to rig an election. Re-elected APM: I don't know how to rig an election.

“I don’t know how to rig an election. DPP never stole an election,” he said, to applause from  thousands of DPP supporters who braved chilly weather to attend the party's victory rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre.


Mutharika, who was declared winner by MEC of the sixth pluralistic poll since the end of one-  party dictatorship 25 years ago, called upon the opposition “to accept the results and to work together.”


Both Lazarus Chakwera, leader of the Malawi Congress Party and Saulos Chilima of UTM, have  gone to court seeking nullification of the poll , citing irregularities by MEC in counting and tallying  of the votes.


Mutharika clobbered both Chakwera and Chilima by over 150,000 votes in the first-past-the-  post (winner takes it all) presidential race.


Mutharika has accused Chakwera, who indicated he was ready to spill blood in order to seek  truth of how the poll was conducted, of seeking to overthrow his government.


“Join me to build and develop this country,” a jovial and humorous Mutharika, said. He sent the crowd to stitches when he said the opposition started "crying" foul on May 23, two days after
MEC announced he was now leading. MEC had a day earlier said Chakwera was in the lead.


"They will keep on crying, crying and crying," he said.


He said the opposition was trying to “disgrace me” by accusing him of having stolen the  election. He emphasised: “DPP never stole an election.”


The MCP have been holding demonstrations in major cities of Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre  against the results and declaring of Mutharika as president. UTM, on the hand, also wants MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah to resign within five days.


Mutharika said the opposition will “demonstrate until May 21, 2024. You will demonstrate,  demonstrate and demonstrate” he said, apparently mocking the opposition that they will waste time in holding protest marches instead of waiting for the court case.


He thanked all cadres of the DPP at all levels for “re-electing me and giving me huge  support.”


“Thank you, thank you and thank you for re-electing me to continue with development. You did a commendable job”


He urged the party not be complacent but "start organising" itself for 2024 soon. This is the last second term of Mutharika and 2024 DPP will field a new presidential candidate.


'I will not repair Kasiya Road'


Mutharika said he was saddened to hear that a new pivotal and tarmacked Kasiya Road in central  Malawi that passes through the constituency of MCP leader Chakwera, was being vandalised
out of anger, and said he will never repair it.


“Let Chakwera repair it,” he said, calling this act “foolishness” as the road is an important link  between three agricultural districts of Kasungu, Lilongwe and Mchinji. The 86 kilometres road cost over K90 billion.


“I am trying to build this country and they want to destroy all what we have built.”


Energise DPP for 2024


DPP leaders who spoke at the rally included the party’s South vice president Kondwani Nankhumwa, who asked all ranks and file of the party @to go back and work and energise the
party for 2024.”


“For us to do well in 2024, we need to start now and work very hard,” he said.


Senior party official Nicholas Dausi, elected to parliament for the second time, praised Mutharika for being “the most patient president” in the history of Malawi.


He said one virtue he had learnt from Mutharika was not to hit back at the enemy. Dausi himself was a victim of recent violence when his right hand was nearly cut with a machete from suspected opposition activists.


Mutharika is expected to make his national address in Parliament on june 21.


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