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Malawi’s Vice President Everton Chimulirenji on Thursday visited and presented relief items to 844 households, who were recently affected by stormy rains in Mwanza.


State Vice President Right Honourable Everton Chimulirenji has echoed his stand to serve the President and Malawians with undivided loyalty for the country’s betterment.


Malawi’s First Lady Professor Gertrude Mutharika has encouraged secondary school students to engage extra gear if they are to excel and become the country’s productive citizens.


The First Lady also advised the students to desist from engaging in any form of violence whenever they have issues or in disagreement with school management.

She said this during a motivational talk and role modeling session held at Mudi community day secondary school in Blantyre.

The modeling session brought together students from 18 secondary schools from Blantyre rural east. The speakers, students from College of Medicine, Malawi University of Science and Technology, Chancellor College and the Polytechnic, took time to share challenges they faced and secrets which enabled them do well and propel them to colleges.


The First Lady said students in rural areas lack role models and moral support, hence the modeling session to encourage vulnerable students to achieve their life-long dreams.


She went on to encourage them, mainly girls in the area and beyond to take challenges in life and fight hard to realize their dreams.


“I am aware that you face numerous challenges but you can still do well in your studies. With hard work and strength of mind, you can equally do achieve your goals. Teachers and guardians are there to help you, in fact they wish you well and what are needed on your part are hard work, obedience and reliability,” said Mutharika.


She also took time to inspect a girls hostel at Mudi Community Day Secondary.

The hostel intended for over 100 girls, according to the school’s Head Teacher, Greyson Katimba, was abandoned due to financial constraints, but he was all smiles when the First Lady promised to provide the materials for project.

Each student from the 18 secondary schools received a mathematical instruments box with the schools each receiving two footballs and a book tackling infetility issues.


Government has described the church as a great partner in transforming the lives of people through provision of various social services.

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