Written by  McDonald Chiwayula
The Seventh Day Adventist Church, South Malawi Conference (SMC) Media Professionals Network,  has been launched in grand style at Kanjedza SDA Church in Blantyre, with a call to the media practitioners to use their diverse talents in advancing the gospel.
Some of SMC media professionals during the launch Some of SMC media professionals during the launch
The launch which took place on Saturday, May 1, pooled together upcoming and seasoned Adventist media practitioners.
Executive Secretary and Director of Communication for SMC, Pastor Patriarch Chaluchalu, said the Church has a unique message that needs to reach all corners of the globe as inspired by the 'The Great Commission'. 
 He added that media professionals are endowed with immense talents but it takes strategic cohesion of the same to forge the evangelical mission. 
"We are launching this group to support the role of the Church in society. Be it Health and Temperance messages, Education or Evangelism, we need the media to amplify and disseminate the messages in a professional manner hence the launch," said  Chaluchalu.
Several presentations were made including one by Hamilton Chimala titled 'Media,  Social Media Tools,  And Adventism - What If...?'  He argues that in such a time like now where some misguided citizen journalists advance fake news, the Church should deploy all media technologies to disseminate truth and messages of hope.
Wrapping up, Innocent Chitosi,  in his presentation, 'Church and Public Relations', advances the notion of nurturing key stakeholders within and outside the Church saying, "the Church should strive to maintain a professional image with its publics."
The day-long event was spiced up by melodious singing of Chimala Duet, Nathaniel Chaluchalu and The Restored. 
The launch has been held under the theme, 'Organised for Service.' 

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