Mixed reaction to players medical cover

Written by  Patrick Lunda

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has said there is mixed reactions from Super League teams over the mandatory players insurance cover the country’s top league governing body has sealed with Medical Aid Society of Malawi (Masm).

Minister of Sports Grace Chiumia greets Bullets player Minister of Sports Grace Chiumia greets Bullets player

Sulom Vice-President Daud Suleman said some people were still not willing to accept the scheme.

“The reaction has been two fold. There are people who have accepted the news with open arms and there is another section that is skeptical about how this scheme will take its course because we have to understand that this is a new concept something new that has just been introduced,” Suleman said.

He said being a new concept Sulom would do a lot to sensitize people on the importance of the medical cover.

“In any organisation if there are changes there are certain dynamics to take care of. It’s a new concept so as Sulom we have to do our part to sensitize the players, clubs officials and supporters for them to understand what is it all about,” he said.

He also said Sulom had just laid the ground for clubs as the body would hand over the responsibility of players’ welfare to them.

“In two or three years we are going to offload this responsibility to clubs because the welfare of players rests squarely on clubs and that is not what Sulom is mandated to,” he said.

“What this policy does is that it really covers professional injuries. Much of the bigger issues have had to do with an injury been neglected, no medical care or access to medical care for the player and what started as a small injury escalate into a very big problem.”

He said the insurance would enable the players to be committed to the game.

“They know if anything happens they are covered by Masm. They can go to Masm and get treated in time so we many save a life,” he said.

Sulom will pay Masm an annual fee of K7 million to cover 450 players representing 30 players from each club

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