Christians sing, dance and pray to celebrate resurrection of Jesus

Written by  Felix Mponda

Christians throughout the World on Easter Sunday celebrated in song, dance and liturgy the resurrection of Jesus Christ after two days of sombreness following his agonising  death on Good Friday.


Fr. Kadzombe: The war is over...Jesus has defeated death. Fr. Kadzombe: The war is over...Jesus has defeated death. Pix: Courtesy of Daud Ntanthiko.

Through His resurrecction, "Jesus defeated death and gave us hope for everlasting life," Catholic priest Fr. Cosmas Kadzombe, told St. Anthony church congregants in Chinyonga township, Blantyre, in his homily.

In a moving and colourful high mass with Christians joyfully dancing and singing to the tune of a joint choir, Fr. Kadzombe said: "Let's be joyful now and smile...the war is over as Jesus has defeated death."

Kadzombe, who at several times led the 1,000 plus faithful in a local and popular celebratory song  'Zikamatere', said the death of Jesus had "opened doors for us to enter heaven."

Death, he said, should not be feared because "death is the day of birth."

"Someone who dies is born anew." he said. "We need to die for our sins to be rotten and rise again like Jesus."

He said Christianity is centred on the death of Jesus and urged Christians "to follow His steps through death...let us live our lives like Jesus through the sacrament of penance."

Jesus of Nazareth was arrested, tried by a kangaroo court, tortured and crucified like a criminal 2,019 years after being accused by Jewish and Roman authorties of claiming to be the Son of God and King of Jews.


His ressurection on Sunday marks the summit of Holy Week and is also considered the most sacred time of the year for Christians and the oasis of Christianity.


Christians believe His death is the ultimate sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind, while the cross is considered the most defining symbol of Christianity.

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