Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Bishop Sylvester Chabuka has called on leaders of various faith groups to preach and walk the talk if the nation has to progress and realise its national aspirations.

Bishop Chabuka delivered a sermon during the launch Bishop Chabuka delivered a sermon during the launch

Bishop Chabuka was speaking in Blantyre during the launch of Great Calling Ministries that seeks to prepare people from all walks of life for the second advent of Christ.


Chabuka said the nation needs people who are not double-minded but will work with the government in realising the common good for the nation.


"Great Calling Ministries understands that there are many challenges in the country which cannot be resolved by government single-handedly. The government needs partners not just any other partner but partners that mean well. We read, watch and listen to stories of people plundering public resources. This needs to stop because corruption benefits a few and affects the majority.


"Through this ministry, we will go out and share mindset change messages above all prepare them for the eternal kingdom," said Bishop Chabuka.


The invited clergy to the launch


In his remarks, Reverend Edward Mikwamba of National Repentance Malawi said there's a great need for the citizenry to realise and repent of many social evils that have derailed the country from developing.


"We can only move forward as a nation if we become advocates of change in our societies. Let's break these chains of poverty, corruption and greed. The Lord will bless us as in 2 Chronicles 7:14  if we allow justice and love to prevail in the country," said Mikwamba.


According to Bishop Chabuka, Great Calling Ministries dates back to 1988 but was commissioned in 1998. He believes a God-fearing society produces responsible citizens hence the launch of the ministry.



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