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The newly elected president of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Malawi Tony Yolamu Nyirenda, popularly known as TY, says his main focus is to strengthen instruments of evangelism within the church.

T.Y Nyirenda: New SDA President in Malawi T.Y Nyirenda: New SDA President in Malawi

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with MBC following his ascendancy to the helm of the Malawi Union Conference on Monday evening at the elective conference held at Linde Motel in Dowa.

“The Church is existing to save souls. So the new approach is what I am calling ‘total member involvement’. Every member of this church must be involved in soul winning. So the new approach is to train people and send them to preach and win souls,” said Pastor Nyirenda.

He added: “On top of that, the other thing is to boost our education system, health infrastructure and all the things that may help us to preach the gospel.”                                                                                                                                                                                       

He said total conversion of the soul was even vital in dealing with financial mismanagement issues currently dogging the church.

Said the gifted preacher: “It is the problem of the heart. When the heart is not fully converted, this is what happens. So we will propel a revival in the front so that hearts of people are warmed, changed and converted.

“And secondly, we will bring justice- according to the Bible- to all those found doing such malpractices. It’s something that happens in every circle that people are but we believe its something that pushes us to work so hard on revival.”

Nyirenda has replaced Pastor Frackson Kuyama whose tenure of office has expired. Kuyama has since congratulated his successor.

During the conference, Pastor Victor Kachola was elected Executive Secretary; Edison Dambula as Chief Finance Officer, among other positions.

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