Highlights of Ansah’s MBC interview to ‘step aside’ from MEC

Written by  MBC Online

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Dr Jane Ansah, SC, on Thursday announced that she had written to the appointing authorities, meaning President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, about her intention to ’’step aside’’ from her position.

Ansah: Wants to ''step aside'' from MEC. Ansah: Wants to ''step aside'' from MEC.

Ansah, in an exclusive interview with MBC said:

---I have written the appointing authority (the president) that I have decided to step down.

--I have not yet received the response.

--I can only be removed through processes the law allows. I listen to the law, I respect the law.


--The court did not find any rigging.


--The court said Tippex was used for correcting errors.


--If I had resigned because of the demos, I was going to set a bad precedence and uproar because it means judges could be forced to resign through demonstrations. I wanted democracy be preserved, that’s why I did not resign.


--The demos were just lawlessness. I could not bulge to lawlessness, but the law definitely.


--I respect the judgement of the Supreme Court of Appeal, but not the demos, that’s why I have to step aside.


--The 2019 election was the best MEC has had since its establishment. We made many positive changes at MEC.


--I worked very well with truth, clean hands and I leave with confidence.


--People were expecting me to fall down and die. God is amazing. I have been healed of blood pressure (BP). I am no longer taking BP medication.


--When you know the truth, you are not afraid. I have no skeletons in my wardrobe.


--I fought a good fight. I go happy and satisfied that I have endured to the end.


--I am a human being, a judge, a wife, a mother, a sister daughter and many things. It tells you a million things. I am a church minister, I am not a liar.


--The President appoints the MEC Chair.


--We had lawless demonstrations. The constitution gives every right to peaceful demonstrations, but this is limited with the word peaceful. If demonstrations are not peaceful, they cease to be a right.

--I am not a law-breaker. I respect law. We have multi-party democracy.

--I worked very well with truth, clean hands and I leave with confidence.

--I don’t regret. I did the best.


HRDC, for nine months since the May 21 , 2019 multi-party poll, staged violent demos to force Ansha to resign that led to massive destruction of both public and private property worth K5 billion, according to estimates.


The constitutional court nullified the polls, citing irregularities and the verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court of Appeal.


A fresh presidential elelction is expected to be held soon,  pitting the alliances of DPP-UDF led by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika ( with running mate Atupele Muluzi)  and that of UTM-MCP led by Lazarus Chakwera (running mate Saulos Chilima).

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