SDA Church group, Ndirande Police green Chapima Heights

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Ndirande Police has hailed Nyambadwe SDA Church for its environmental conservation efforts.

Kaphanya leads fellow group members in tree planting. Kaphanya leads fellow group members in tree planting.

Station officer for Ndirande, Newton Mathanga said this during the tree planting exercise at Chapima Heights in Blantyre.


The tree planting exercise was organized by Forever with Jesus Choir of Nyambadwe SDA Church in collaboration with Police and Mbayani-Chemusa councillors as part of restoring vegetative cover at Chapima Heights. 


Patron for the Choir, Feston Kaphanya, said environmental protection is a God given mandate to humanity.


“If you read the scriptures especially the Bible, you will understand that mankind was given a responsibility to be a good steward of the environment by the Creator.


“With this in mind we came here to conduct a reforestation exercise because we know if we have good vegetative cover the environment surrounding this area will be conducive enough for living,” said Kaphanya.


 Mathanga hailed the church and councilors for taking up the eco-friendly initiative.


“Let me applaud Nyambadwe SDA Church more especially Forever with Jesus Choir for championing this exercise. We all know side effects of environmental degradation such as manifestation of diseases. When we plant trees we are encouraging a healthy environment in a number of ways,” said Mathanga.


Councilor for Mbayani Chemusa Ward Edwin Chinthuli said he will ensure that the trees they have planted survive.


He said: “It is one thing to plant trees and another to care for them. We would like to see that our efforts are not in vain. Our overall objective is to see these trees survive.”


The Forever with Jesus Group has previously planted trees at Mbayani Primary School in Blantyre and targets to plant  thousands of  trees before this tree planting season ends.

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