General Namathanga takes over military command: ‘MDF ready for COVID-19 special operations’

Written by  MBC Online

The new commander of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Peter Namathanga, on Monday officially took over the military mantle from outgoing General Vincent Nundwe.

Nundwe (in suit) and Namathanga (in army uniform) Nundwe (in suit) and Namathanga (in army uniform)


Receiving the sword of command, Namathanga said his soldiers were ready for any special operations aimed at fighting the deadly Coronavirus, despite Malawi not reporting any positive case until now.



“The Army is ready to assist in any operation aimed at fighting Coronavirus. In fact, the Army is part of the response team,” he said at the Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe.


He said some officers in the MDF have been attending government meetings on how best to prevent the deadly disease from being imported into Malawi.


Nundwe further said his administration will be governed by the Constitution and that he will ensure MDF performs its function in the interest of Malawians.


“What I can tell Malawians is that the MDF mission has not changed, the vision has not changed, and values have not changed. So, we shall continue discharging our duties within the framework of the Constitution,” he said.

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