No access card, no entry into court premises for Feb 3 verdict

Written by  MBC Online

The Supreme Court of Appeal and the High Court on Tuesday issued restrictions for the public to access entry to the February 3 verdict, saying only those with access cards will be allowed access to court premises.

Malawians assured security during and after  Feb 3 verdict. Malawians assured security during and after Feb 3 verdict.

“In the interest of public order and security, be advised that during the delivery of the judgement, access to the court premises will be restricted to only those individuals who will be in possession of access cards. State security personnel will strictly enforce this requirement,” a statement signed by Agnes Patemba, Registrar of the Supreme Court of Appeal and the High Court said.


“The presence of the general public within 150 metres from the perimeter fence of the court premises will not be allowed,” she said.

Accredited public media will be allowed to broadcast live the pronouncement of the judgement, Patemba added.


The restriction comes after Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Minister Mark Botomani said Government would ensure that there will be peace and calm, law and order before, during and after the presidential election case judgment.


“Government is aware that this ruling will attract different reactions. As such, state security organs are well prepared to keep the peace that the country has safeguarded and enjoyed for many years,” the Minister said in a statement.

“Government urges all political parties in the country and other stakeholders to respect the rule of law and the Judiciary, which is an independent arm of Government.

“Sobriety and patriotism are key ingredients to peace during this period. We only have one Malawi and destruction of the country is counterproductive,” Botomani added.

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