Vice President Pence slams impeachment inquiry and "endless investigations"

Written by  CNN

Vice President Mike Pence took the opportunity during a speech Saturday afternoon at a “Unite the GOP” rally in Kenner, Louisiana, to slam Democrats in Congress for launching “a partisan impeachment inquiry in a blatant attempt to overturn the will of the American people."

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Pence touted President Trump’s accomplishments amidst, what he said were, “two and a half years of endless investigations” in which Democrats “found no collusion, no obstruction.”


Some background on the subpoena: This speech came one day after House Democrats requested documents from Pence as part of their impeachment investigation regarding President Trump and his phone conversation with the Ukrainian president. The subpoena for documents came in a letter yesterday from three House chairmen. The request said the documents should be handed over by Oct. 15.


One point Democrats want to look into is the circumstances surrounding Trump’s cancellation of his trip to Warsaw where he was scheduled to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


Instead Pence made the trip and met with him–now making Pence a key player in the impeachment inquiry.


What else you need to know

• The latest: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defended the State Department missing a Friday deadline set by the House to turn over documents requested under a congressional subpoena. Pompeo said his office "sent a letter last night to Congress which is our initial response to the document request" and that they will "obviously do all the things we are required to do by law."

• Trump and Romney face-off: President Trump called for Sen. Mitt Romney to be "impeached" in a tweet Saturday after the Republican from Utah criticized the President for urging Ukraine and China to investigate his political rival. Senators and members of Congress can’t be “impeached” but they can be “expelled," according to the US Constitution.

White House subpoenaed: House Democrats subpoenaed the White House Friday as part of the ongoing impeachment investigation into Trump. The White House said the "subpoena changes nothing — just more document requests, wasted time, and taxpayer dollars that will ultimately show the President did nothing wrong."

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