Written by  Kumbukani Phiri
President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has called for an end to the tug of war on the price of fertiliser in the Interest of the local farmer.
Dr Chakwera and Madam Chakwera at the Liwonde Fertiliser Terminal Dr Chakwera and Madam Chakwera at the Liwonde Fertiliser Terminal
Dr Chakwera was speaking in Liwonde at the official opening of the Liwonde Fertiliser Terminal.
President Chakwera said as articulated in the Malawi 2063 Government aspires to achieve all-inclusive wealth creation and further said this could only be realised if both the fertiliser distributors and farmers get a win-win situation.
He called on the Malawi Fertiliser company to explore the possibility of locally available raw materials so that the price of fertiliser should be at a reasonable price.
President Chakwera was however quick to commend the Malawi Fertiliser Company for the investment in the new terminal which he said was in tandem with the Government's Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP)  as it will ensure that fertiliser is readily available in large quantities.
He said the role of the private sector in the attainment of the Malawi 2063 agenda is just indispensable.
Earlier, Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe, disclosed that the Government will tomorrow, 12 October, release a list of suppliers for this year's AIP.
Lowe sent a stern warning that those that would not abide by Government's conditions are free to back off. 

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