Written by  Bernard Kankhono

Youths in the country have been called to redefine the narrative on climate change issues. The call has been made by Lilongwe Msinja Constituency legislator Francis Belekanyama during the commemoration of the World Clean Up day in Salima.

Youths cleaning Sengaby Beach in Salima Youths cleaning Sengaby Beach in Salima

Belekanyama added that climate finance-of which many climate actors have contended that the government does not fund adequately-should be viewed from a different perspective.

“Climate related activities should fully be financed and prioritised as climate change has shown to be a world’s common enemy” Belekanyama said.

On top to collecting wastes, the day was signified with discussions on what Malawi should prioritise in managing climate change as the world leaders prepare for COP26 summit in November this year.

Among the priorities made, the youths suggested on an increase in funds channeled to climate related activity like on adaptation and recovery processes.

One of the participants, Zaithwa Sosola commended the organisers of the event for giving a platform for the youths in the country to discuss issues on climate change.

Speaking at the event, Dominic Nyasulu of Malawi Youths Council on Climate change says the event has helped to understand the capacity gab among the youths in relations to climate change.

“Young people should be at the center of every decision as the youths are in large numbers in this country. These youths have capacity in recovering from climate change related disasters. We need to build capacity on these youths if we are to address the impacts that climate change has created” Dominic said.

The world cleanup day is commemorated on 18 September of every year. In Salima, the day attracted over 60 youths to do the cleanup Sengabay beach.

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