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While musician Sam Shaba is having no kind words for local musicians who copy foreign music genres, his brother in guitars Malala feels most artists in the country are at the mercy of market forces.

Sam Shaba: let's Perfect our own Sam Shaba: let's Perfect our own

Barely two days after releasing ‘Good buy/ Kukaya’ single, which was done in Vimbuza traditional beat, Shaba says the practice of copying foreign beats promotes other cultures at the expense of perfecting our own.

He said: I am really annoyed when I hear everyone copying Amapiano. We have Ingoma, Vimbuza, etc, why can't we embrace these. For as long as we copy music, we shall never progress. We need to build our own."

However, Malala- real name James Kuchilala- argues the country’s economy is weaker and even if artists would want to stick to their culture or local genres “there isn't much they would gain in return to sustain their lives and careers.

“So the artists are forced to 'crucify' their cultural elements and go for what would help them survive and reach greater heights.”

Malala further argued music consumers are also having a great influence on what Musicians have to produce.

Malala: Musicians at the mercy of market forces

“We have a market that has little interest in appreciating and promoting original talent. Even those making crucial decisions in the corporate world, they would rather go for what’s trending and not necessarily what’s originally in Malawian. So many artists don’t have a choice but to do what the consumer wants and not necessarily what they as artists would have loved to do,” he said.

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