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Renegade 2.0

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Hidden Talent Ent seasoned rapper Renegade resurfaces on the local urban music scene with the soon to be released Renegade 2.0. mixtape. Headlining the project is a song titled Akita Samafa. MBC Online caught up with the artist to get the 411 ahead of both the project and the single’s release.


Q: When is the new single coming out?

Renegade: The new single Akita Samafa is scheduled to drop any day between now and next week.

Q: What is the concept and who is behind the production?

Renegade: The beat was produced by KeiM of Classmates. It was mixed and mastered at Labrats Music by KeiM as well. The concept is basically how people say I fell off but it’s just a reminder of how I'm still up and running and now better than I was before. So Akita Samafa is a reminder to people that I'm still here, this is my movie and I'm here to stay.


Q: How different is this song from your last record?

Renegade: My last radio record was Go Tell ‘Em featuring Gwamba and Haso. It’s different because Akita Samafa is more new school while Go Tell ‘Em was rugged and raw. This one maintains raw and rugged with the flows but the beat is present day hip hop.

Q: Is Akita Samafa part of a project or just an isolated single aimed at creating a buzz?

Renegade: This single is part of my EP that's coming out between now and next week titled Renegade 2.0.

Q: What is the whole Renegade 2.0 project all about?

Renegade: The project focuses on me making my comeback, that’s it. Except for one track, Wet featuring Yesaya, the rest simply focuses on me reminding people who Renegade is, and that is rapper extraordinaire.


Q: Which rappers and producers have you worked with on the Renegade 2.0 project?
Renegade: There’s quite a list. Jupapa is an up-coming emcee from Chilobwe with great lyrical prowess and he’s also working on a mixtape. He was introduced by M.O.D. Salvy is an up-coming rapper who is also a Hidden Talent Ent affiliate and is in the works to become one of the pioneers of the new Hidden Talent Ent grouping that is going to surface soon. M.A.K is an upcoming Femcee, also a long-time Hidden Talent affiliate who is gon be releasing her own material soon. That's the new talent. Already known artists include Pilgrim, Yesaya and Trap Squad. All the beats except for Epiphany, Rap Seminar, Things change and Akita Samafa were churned out by me.

Q: You've been around for quite a while now. Should people expect a genuine Renegade 2.0?
Renegade: Yes people should expect a rejuvenated Renegade who is rarely going to put raps over Pasada beats just to get people's attention. Renegade is back, bigger and better!

Q: A lot of rappers have come in and dominated through the years, the likes of Young Kay, Gwamba and now Home Grown's Classick. Do you find it a challenge staying exceptional and unique?
Renegade: I think for me this whole thing comes naturally. I don't have to stress to fit in because I'm already outstanding. New school flows? I can rock that, old school flows too. I'm the best of both. It’s good that exceptional talent such as Home grown is here, it gives you motivation to be more innovative.


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