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Macelba the cornerstone

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Ndadutsa mu zokhoma, moyo wanga ndi mwala / ndinamva kuwawa heavy, ndinaponyedwa ndi mwala,” the opening lines to Macelba’s latest offing introduces listeners to a story of triumph over adversity in a stone-cold world.


The Wina Ndi Wina crooner finally released his new single aptly titled Mwala on Tuesday 8 September on the backdrop of much anticipation and hype following the massive success of his prior efforts.


“Am very excited, it’s been hyped up and promoted a lot and people have waited enough,” said Macelba.

“Everyone has been asking me “kodi Mwala watani?” so finally they get a chance to hear what this new song is really all about.”


The Janta-produced track sees the Lilongwe-based rapper use the first-person narrative form in weaving a musical tale of a stone the builders rejected before it eventually became the cornerstone.

Ulendo woyenda koma munseu mwadzadza mwala / imela bwanji mbeu, tikayifetsa pa mwala / uja wokanidwa ndi amisili uja ndine Mwala / lero nasanduka Mwala, wa pa ngodya ndine mwala,” he raps at the end of the first verse.

The lyricist said the song was initially slated for a late August release but ended up being pushed back a fortnight to avoid being lost in translation.

“It was supposed to drop on the 27th (of August) but my brothers Krazie G and Martse released their songs on the 26th and on the 1st (of September) respectively so we already had enough music from L City,” he explained.


Macelba shared a rare insight into the thought and physical process of conceptualizing and eventually recording the song.

“Well, Mwala was crazy. You know, I had to play with the ‘Mwala’ word poetically throughout the whole song. The whole idea was derived from the rejected stone turned cornerstone story,” he revealed.

“Due to the constant blackouts (power outage) we’re having, the whole Mwala project was done and completed at night.

“It features vocals from Malaulo (he featured on Macelba’s previous single Alamu Anu) and there’s also an Outro done by my good friend Awukho Busy.”


According to the rhymester, Mwala has been released for airplay only but will be available for download at before the end of the week.

Macelba has been lined up for a performance at Dolo Wa Mu Hood on 25 October this year.

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