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They know ‘Who We Are’

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A rapper-cum-singer brags about swag and talks about the pep in his step while executing a successful climb up the R&B staircase.


Who We Are is crossover artist Platinum’s latest single off his Nothing Unsaid mixtape whose release date ironically also remains unspoken.


The artist revealed the theme of the track chronicles the predictable tale of an everyday superstar on the rise.


“The concept is actually about an up and coming artist who’s got the love and support of his team while making it into the limelight,” Platinum said.


“Girls and fun will inevitably become part of their lifestyle. It’s who they are even though they don’t have the fancy stuff and material wealth.”



They already know who we are / we don’t own the fancy cars / but the way we rock the party hard / they know who we are,” he sings on the bridge.
So how different is Who We Are to its predecessors?


“The singles I released prior to this song were nice and good but Who We Are is exceptionally creative as we put in a lot of work production-wise,” he said.


“I worked with two producers on this one, E-Ril and Kay Dee Art Beatz, who made the beat together before E-Ril handled the vocals during the audio session and mixing. It’s a simple feel good song.”


As for the Nothing Unsaid mixtape, Platinum said: “The tape is still being cooked and people should expect a lot of concepts they can relate to.


“They should expect stories they hear everyday just told in a different and artistic way. Basically it’s Nothing Unsaid.



“We’re working on some feel good tracks, inspirational songs and basically love jams as well, so it’s a fusion of a lot of concepts not just R&B driven.”


Who We Are will be unleashed next week and joins a list of impressive cuts on the project, including Sail Away and Leave With You.

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