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All set for Matafale Memorial show in Chileka

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The annual memorial show for the late Malawi reggae king Evison Matafale and his two other cousins Musamude and Gift Fumulani is on this Sunday November 25 2018  in Chileka, Blantyre.

Late Evison Matafale Late Evison Matafale

Matafale died while in police custody on November 27 2001, while Musamude who succeeded him in leading the Black Missionaries Band died of Tuberculosis on September 17 2007. Gift, another reputed reggae star died of same disease in 2009.

Joining the Black Missionaries at the famed Mankhokwe Ground will be Limbani Banda, Young Generation and the Wailing Brothers.

According to Black Missionaries’ frontman Anjiru Fumulani, this year, Matafale’s daughter Tereza, currently studying nursing at Malamulo College of Nursing in Thyolo, will join the gig.

Matafale rose to iconic status by 2000 through the release of his debut album, Kuyimba 1, in 1999. It was the feat that would mark the end of ‘Balaka reaggae’, which had dominated the country’s music scene for decades.

Matafale, a professed Rastafarian, stamped his authority with a release of Kuimba 2. At a time of his death, he had just released ‘Time Mark’ a single inspired by the terrorists attack on September 11 2001 in United States of America.

Evison Matafale, who shares bloodline with Malawi’s music greats, Robert Fumulani and Daniel Kachamba is still honored for his music and political activism.

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