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Machuluka set to release Tonga Beats One album

Written by  Joel Chiheni Phiri

Andrew Mphande famously known by his trademark name of Machuluka for the many songs released in his Tonga language has finally come out of his cocoon to announce the release of his debut album titled Tonga Beats One.


Mphande, who has become famous for his trademark Tonga songs such as Zowala za mwana wangu said after a long time of producing singles time has come for him to release a full album.

“I have released several songs in the past such as Zowala za mwana wangu which features regularly in wedding receptions but now I have decided to release a full album which should be hitting the music market early January or thereabouts," he said.

Mphande who was recently honoured by the Mdauku wa Atonga for mainly concentrating his music on promoting the Tonga language said, his upcoming album will be done in Tonga beat which he described as his own beat.

“It’s not like my music will be all in Tonga, no. Tonga beat is a combination of honala and malipenga. I created this beat which I call Tonga beat. San B created his music beat called Honjo music and in the same way I have christened my music as Tonga Beats. I can do a song in Chichewa, English or any language but the beat of my songs will the Tonga beat. People should know that music is a universal language which can be done in any language and beat. Just like reggae beat, mine is called Tonga beat," said the Lilongwe based artist.

According to Mphande all songs to form the album have already been recorded and all that remains is fine tuning.

"I have recorded all the songs at my Studio, Machuluka Records in Lilongwe and about four songs Mbwerekete and Mundionese Ronaldo have been done in Chichewa while Uweliyepu M'bulu and Nditikupenjani have been done in Tonga. All the four songs are completely done. Currently am fine turning the remaining six songs," said the 30-year old music producer, singer and song writer.

He also disclosed that despite having released seven songs as singles in the past which helped him make name in music circles, they will not be included in the new album.

"The album am working on will be completely new. It will only have new songs. None of the singles released before will be included in this new album. It’s all new songs," said Mphande.

Music fanatic Emmanuel Banda, a Chilomoni resident said time has come for Machuluka to release an album so that he accords his fans an opportunity of accessing his music.

"We were struggling to access his music. We like his music because it's danceable. We would only dance to his music during wedding receptions and with his upcoming album we will have easy access to his music as now we will be able to buy from shops,” said Banda.

Machuluka is famous for his affinity for producing songs in his native language of Tonga.

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