Electoral materials are safe, Parliament official says

Written by  Thomas Psyata

Malawi Parliament on Tuesday assured the safety of electoral materials of the 2019 tripartite elections after stormy winds destroyed part of its warehouse at Maone, Blantyre.

Mengezi outside the affected warehouse. Pix by Thomas Psyata, MBC Online. Mengezi outside the affected warehouse. Pix by Thomas Psyata, MBC Online.

“The electoral materials were not affected as the roof that was affected was separated from the room that contained the materials” said Parliament’s spokesperson Leonard Mengezi when Parliament officials toured the warehouse in the presence of the media.


The presidential election act mandates the clerk of parliament to be the custodian of presidential and parliamentary election materials and all materials were handled over to clerk of parliament.


The 2019 tripartite elections materials for the southern region are kept at a secured warehouse in Maone Blantyre.


On Monday afternoon stormy winds destroyed part of the warehouses’ roof.


“The disaster raised an alarm among the public as the warehouse is keeping materials that are crucial in the on-going presidential election case at the constitutional court in Lilongwe”, said Mengezi.


“We came to appreciate the extent of the damage but I can confirm that all materials are safe and the landlord is working on maintaining the roof that was partly destroyed,”he added.


Parliament officials were not allowed to enter the warehouse as Malawi Electoral Commission officials were not present and the security team comprised of Malawi Defense Force, Malawi Police Service and parliament could not allow parliament officials access the warehouse.


The stormy rains that affected the warehouse also affected a number of infrastructures in Blantyre urban including Naperi Bridge.

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