Communities in Chitipa promote maternal health care

Written by  Joseph Kameme MBC Stringer
Plan International, through its empath project in Chitipa,  expressed satisfaction with the participation of  communities in the district   on maternal   health  issues.
Women accessing maternal services Women accessing maternal services
Speaking  at Katutula  CCAP Church  during an open day activities of the empath project, Community Mobilization  Officer Thanks Chirwa said  there is a tremendous  improvement  in  community  participation  that  has seen  many pregnant women  going  for  health services and counseling rather than opting for traditional birth attendants.
He further said  there is  a change in the way men think, because now they are  taking full responsibility of making sure that women go for maternal health  without leaving the whole burden to  them  as has been  the case in the past.
"We are extremely happy with men's attitude  that is very positive, they are playing an important role in the process  when women are pregnant  and this  has encouraged us a lot," said Chirwa.
Senior Group Villageheadman Katutula,  said   as a traditional leader he put in place an order  that  says "if  a woman  delivers at home, the husband pays a goat as penalty" and this  has reduced  maternal deaths." 
"Under my jurisdiction every man has to take part in the health of his wife during pregnancy  and this has  reduced deaths in my area," said Katutula.
The open day activities is organized to bring together Communities to be sensitized on the importance of seeking health care  when women are pregnant. Empath project was introduced  in 2017 and  is working in conjunction  with Chitipa District Hospital with financial support from  the Canadian  Government.

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