Bravo Govt, EU for Bwanje Dam: The Nation Comment

Written by  The Nation Newspaper

Government and its strategic partner the European Union (EU) should be commended for financing Bwanje irrigation dam project in Dedza expected to put 800 hectares under irrigation, thereby benefitting 1,778 households in the district.

The waterworks at Bwanje Dam. Pix: Lisa Kadango, MANA. The waterworks at Bwanje Dam. Pix: Lisa Kadango, MANA.

The project is part of the Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAp) and the much touted Green Belt Initiative (GBI).


The dam, according to experts, is the largest in the country and can also be used for boosting fish farming, provide piped water to surrounding communities and generate hydroelectricity if necessary infrastructure is put in place.


Though the country is endowed with abundant natural water bodies that can easily be used for irrigation, paradoxically, it continues to rely on rain-fed agriculture which is excruciatingly becoming unpredictable in the face of climate change.


This is why Government should be commended for taking decisive steps to invest in worthwhile areas that can, with good stewardship and management, boost the country’s food security and increase household incomes while lessening the grip of poverty and unemployment on its people.


What is key, though, is for the beneficiary farming communities to maximise the use of the dam to harvest enough for food and surplus for sale.


To achieve this, Government and its partners should move in to equip farmers with necessary agronomic practices and modern technologies not only to boost production, but also add value to their produce.


This will help farmers graduate from subsistence to commercial level, effectively helping the country become food secure. Otherwise, we say bravo to Government and the EU for this landmark investment.-- Source: The Nation of 3rd July, 2019.


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