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Over 400 motorcycles to ease extension workers mobility

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Government says it has already started dispatching the 400 motorcycles donated by the European Union-EU to help extension workers in various locations ease mobility as they carry out extension projects.

Mwanamvekha receives the motorcycles Mwanamvekha receives the motorcycles

The motorcycles are meant for the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development and the Minister responsible Joseph Mwanamvekha says the extension department will benefit more people in the country.

The Minister told MBC that for a long time, extension workers in the Ministry have encountered numerous challenges to reach some rural areas to provide services therefore the motorcycles come at the right time.

The Minister further highlighted that with availability of mobility, the agriculture sector is expected to contribute even more to the economic growth of the country as these extension workers will go to the remotest areas to teach farmers new and advanced ways of farming thereby increasing food security.

“We are quite happy with the support we have received. As a Ministry, we have challenges of mobility and our extension workers have experienced difficulties in mobility to reach farmers but this means that they will be able to travel far and wide in good time to reach out to the farmers,” said Mwanamvekha.

Mwanamvekha said apart from the motorcycles that they have received, the European Union is also helping the Ministry through their Kulima Program where they are getting support on dealing with fall armyworms and banana diseases and pests.

The Ministry of Agriculture will receive 450 motorcycles with 220 motorcycles already in the country and 230 motorcycles coming in the country shortly to help extension officers reach farmers in remotest areas.

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