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Government hails JTI on career program

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Chief Director in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Hudson Mankhwala has commended JTI Leaf Malawi for introducing internship program for young people.

Kakhome: We are equipping the youth with necessary  experiences Kakhome: We are equipping the youth with necessary experiences

Mankhwala made the remarks during the 2018 Career Fair which the company organized for graduates from universities in the country.

Mankhwala said the initiative from JTI is very encouraging more especially coming from one of the prominent areas of Malawi’s private sector.

“What JTI is doing on internship program is testimony enough that the private sector can as well join hands with government in partnership towards addressing several developmental issues such unemployment,” said Mankhwala.

He said JTI’s initiative supports programs that government has embarked on to ease the burden which the youth are facing in securing jobs.

“We see vacancies in our newspapers of companies advertising for employment; however for the majority of the youth, the restrictive factor is often the number of years of work experience required and what JTI is doing through this programme is to provide Malawian youth with that vital experience which in essence is the bedrock for their long term and sustainable career development,” he said.

JTI Leaf Malawi Corporate Affairs & Communications Director Limbani Kakhome said the company believes in investing in people.

“JTI believes in attracting and retaining the right people, with the right experience and skills sets. This is why as a company we have continuously been recognized as one of the top employers on the global scale,” said Kakhome.

Kakhome said the internship program is designed to address the constraints on the labor market in Malawi by allowing young graduates to get opportunities to join companies and showcase their talents.

“This program is a very important aspect as a progressive global company. What we are doing is to give Malawian youths a chance to develop their capacity through working with one of the leading tobacco company and through this, it is evident that JTI is directly contributing towards the socio-economic development of the company,” he said.


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