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Top CCAP cleric says demos have crippled economy

Written by  MBC Online

Moderator of the CCAP General Assembly Reverend Timothy Nyasulu has condemned the planned demonstrations by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) saying the demonstrations have not been peaceful and have crippled the country’s economy.

Rev. Timothy Nyasulu, Moderator CCAP General Assembly Rev. Timothy Nyasulu, Moderator CCAP General Assembly

Speaking to MBC, Nyasulu said the opposition and concerned civil society organisations should seek peaceful means of resolving issues rocking the country other than taking to the streets.


He said:” To me as a citizen of Malawi like any other person I would look at what happened between 4th and 5th July, how much property was damaged like Karonga we have lost close to K700 million. We have not heard the calculations for Mzuzu but it was also heavily affected. The office of the treasury and ADD offices are currently in shambles. So, I see that demos in Malawi are generally violent.


The cleric added that as a religious leader who preaches peace he wouldn’t endorse demos.


“We can visbly see that Malawi is going down with these demos as a poor country we need to think twice on our actions.”


Another wave of demonstrations have been lined up Friday and HRDC is quoted on social media to fan the demos to be taking twice a week from next week which  Nyasulu and other concerned citizens argue is retrogressive to national peace and development.

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