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Tradi meets Chikoloboi

Written by  David Kapezi

There is probably no Christian urban music group that boasts more talent than the now-four-year-old Lilongwe-based outfit Nyali Musik.


And if their latest project is anything to go by, we could be in for a very interesting 2015.

The seven-song EP Tradi Meets Chikoloboi came out on Friday 17 April after the group taunted their fans with promises of a surprise release leading up to the date.

The project itself is a unique fusion of a traditionally African sound below well-delivered rap lyrics, as explained by the group’s latest affiliate, Dhalie: “we were trying to achieve mostly fusion, having two different artists with different perspectives and style of music relating on the same issues.”

Dhalie’s deceptively mature production is carefully laid out across the album, as you are treated with African wind instruments, shakes and drumming that forces comparisons with Lawi’s critically acclaimed debut album.

Although, of course, that is as far as the comparisons go.

Everything else is a slew of punchlines, word play, and some carefully crafted choruses from the freshman, who teams up with veteran founder of the group, KBG (real name Kelvin Before Gumbi).

Together, they deliver a devastating set of hits, tackling some everyday situations in a Malawian setup, and providing insight on how to best handle them: from cooking nsima to washing your mangos before eating them.

Tradi Meets Chikoloboi is a welcomed breather from the increasing self-glorification that is sadly becoming a hallmark of Malawian hip hop.

Dhalie, who is perfect on the album’s single From Malawi, further explains: “I alone would definitely not give off such vibes and KB alone would have a totally different sound as well.

“But making the two ‘locals’ on different ‘levels’ relate creates a whole new vibe all together.”
These sentiments can only be echoed by his partner in crime, KBG, who follows up from his hit single, Leggo Ma Sobo, with two tantalizing remixes on Tradi Meets Chikoloboi.

“As artists we also believe in social responsibility and speaking for the voiceless. That’s why we have tracks like ‘Sister Wanga’ where we address the issue of abuse that girls face in Malawi,” says KBG.

The EP teases with touches from acoustic maestro Faith Mussa, while female emcee Ashleigh Davis gives it a staggering punch.

Jew Chapomba, Samuel, Jeremiah Chikhwaza, EQ, P.Stryke all feature in a lineup of stellar effect.

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