Police nab five in Phalombe over missing albino boy

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Police in Phalombe has arrested five people in connection to the missing of a 12 year old albino boy.


Among the five suspects who are relations, is the mother of the boy. The boy disappeared on the 6th of July. Speaking to MBC, National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera said the police have charged the five suspects with conspiracy to murder and acts intending to commit murder.


However, Kadadzera trashed earlier reports that the body of the missing boy had been found, saying the police are still searching for the body.


“We have arrested five several suspects in connection with the missing albino boy. Once we received reports on the issue we instituted investigations right away from the home of the boy to the place where 6 july celebrations were taking place. Our investigations have led to the arrest of the five suspects who are all related to the missing albino boy. We can confirm that they are in our custody and we are optimistic that something positive will come out from these interrogations,” said Kadadzera.


Kadadzera further said that the five family members have been charged with two counts including conspiracy to murder. When Police is through with its investigations the suspects are expected to appear before court.

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