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Mulanje water project half way through – BWB

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There has been significant progress on the construction of the 18 Billion Kwacha Mulanje Water Project which will be tapping water from Likhubula and supplying it to residents of Blantyre and the surrounding areas.

Mulanje mountain where the board is tapping water from Mulanje mountain where the board is tapping water from

Board Chairperson for Blantyre Water Board-BWB James Naphambo said over 55 percent of the works has been done and they are optimistic that the contractor will complete the works within the agreed timeframe.

Naphambo said, as of now, installation of pipes at the intake and the building of a treatment plant has been finalized, irrespective of the two months delay for the commencement of the project.

“We are now back on schedule for the implementation and we are happy that government has supported this project and we are grateful that the people of Mulanje are cooperating now and this has made the implementation of the project very viable for us as a board,” said Namphambo.

The Board’s Chair said progress on the project includes the construction of an intake dam at Chambe basin and excavation of 40 to 50 percent of the distance in various places plus construction of the treatment plant.

“Pipes have been laid down and once we finish the other sections that are left, we will be able to commence the project in good time and our target is to make sure that we finish this project by 30th April 2019,” he explained.

The Mulanje Water Project was rolled out in December 2017 and once completed it is expected to supply an extra 200 million cubic liters of water per day to citizens of the commercial city of Blantyre.

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