Matope CCAP calls for collaboration in helping sick people

Written by  Brainmore Zimba

Matope CCAP has urged churches and organizations to be in the forefront reaching out to the sick admitted in the country’s hospitals.

Mwenewanda - Churches and organisations should be supporting the sick Mwenewanda - Churches and organisations should be supporting the sick

Reverend Romings Mwenewanda of Matope CCAP said this during the presentation of assorted items to Mzuzu Central Hospital.

Mwenewanda who led his congregation decided to reach out to patients admitted in male and female wards at Mzuzu Central Hospital with assorted items as one way of abiding by the bible teachings.

“During the time when Jesus was on earth preaching the multitudes he emphasized much on helping the needy.

"He told his disciples to share something to the needy since the people were hungry and at the same time he said I was in the hospital but you never came to see me, I was hungry but you never fed me so as a church we never preach more words but putting into action what we preach."

He added that the sick lack basic necessities hence the gesture.

The reverend then urged churches and different organizations to champion the spirit of helping people who are suffering in the hospital beds saying these people rely on others who are physically fit.

“My message is to encourage fellow churches even organizations to take this challenge because government alone cannot manage for instance we have hospitals being administered by churches because we complement each other in the ministry of serving others who are in need”, urged Mwenewanda.

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