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AG Kaphale winds up cross-examining of first petitioner SKC

Written by  MBC Online

Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale, representing the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on Wednesday concluded four days of his cross-examination of first petitioner Saulos Chilima of UTM, summarizing key questions he asked Chilima. 

Cross-examination is over for SKC. Cross-examination is over for SKC.

MBC Online presents some of the highlights:

AG: We haven’t come across where the valid votes of any candidate were altered?

SKC: When we speak about valid votes only, yes.

AG: Would you agree with me that you have not come across any alteration of votes in the 198 centres you allege?

SKC: Yes.

AG: Between the three of you [main contenders Mutharika, Chakwera and Chilima]you shared 4.74 million votes?

SKC: That is correct.


AG: Between number 1 and 2, do you know the difference in votes?

SKC: 158,000.

AG: its obvious votes from 198 wouldn’t affect results?


SKC: Yes, it wouldn’t affect.

AG: Would you have come to court if there no results to challenge?


SKC: No.


AG: At St. Thomas commercial school polling centre,  you didn’t find your name, but you voted?


SKC: Yes, I voted.


AG: This kind of problem [where your name missed] happened to you only?


SKC: That’s correct.


AG: You wrote to MEC for MEC Chairperson Ansah to resign?


SKC: That’s correct.


AG: MEC makes majority decisions and you did not challenge her [Ansah] through an affidavit for making her own decision?


SKC: Not on that matter.


AG: The national result was an aggregation of streams and polling stations. It was possible for you to select bad polling results?


SKC: Ideally, yea.


AG: For the whole country, no [UTM] monitor is challenging the results and you don’t have alternative results?


SKC: That’s correct.


The AG is likely to call several UTM officials to be cross-examined when hearinmg resumes on Friday. 

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