Police arrest 17 over Bvumbwe Roadblock fracas

Written by  Joel Chiheni Phiri

Police on Wednesday arrested 17 people suspected to be master minders of a fracas that occurred at Bvumbwe Police Roadblock.

People run away from teargas that the Police used to disburse the rioting crowd People run away from teargas that the Police used to disburse the rioting crowd

In an interview yesterday Police Publicist for Limbe Patrick Musa said the fracas was a result of the arrest of a boy who just passed through the roadblock while insulting officers manning the roadblock.

However, in a police report released on Wednesday, Bvumbwe Police Officer in Charge Mrs Nkhoma said Police arrested the five ring leaders; Hawadi Thangata, 43, James Godfrey, 25, Raphael Soda, 35, Kelvin Riddick, 25 and others totalling 12 for damaging Bvumbwe police station by stoning the office's roof, windows and the roadblock barrier. 

Nkhoma said around 7 am on Wednesday, 18 year old secondary student Favour Fraction just passed through the roadblock whilst riding his bicycle. He passed the roadblock and insulted the officers manning the roadblock.

"Our officers arrested the boy and placed him in custody. Upon hearing that the boy had been nabbed, people surrounding the place descended on the police officers to force the release of the suspect", said Nkhoma.

Nkhoma explained that the mob then started burning tyres, closed the road whilst chanting songs until DPP regional governor Charles Mchacha came and tried to negotiate a truce but to no avail.

"As Police, we tried to fire in the air to calm down the situation and in the process managed to arrest the mentioned suspects who happen to be ring leaders who are now at Limbe Police waiting to appear before the courts," Nkhoma said.

In the police report, Nkhoma also said the boy who caused the whole fracas, Favour, a student at Impact Private School in Thyolo was interviewed and happens to be of unsound mind and he has been issued with a medical report for treatment and check up at Thyolo district hospital.


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