Plant more trees, Inkosi Mpherembe urges communities

Written by  Levie Chunda

As the 2019-2020 rainy season sets in, people in the country are encouraged to plant more trees within their communities as one way of dealing with effects of climate change.


Speaking during the official launch of Bana Ba Kwa Mzikubola Trust (BMT) in Mzimba District, , Inkosi Mphelembe who represented Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mmbelwa the fifth, said deforestation is one of the contributing factors to destructive rainfall patterns the district is recently receiving.

“It is a plain truth that a lot of deforestation has taken place in our district and if you go along main roads you will notice that people are selling firewood and charcoal and tree products from our forests,’’.

“And this sort of harvesting forest products is very costly. The type of rains we are receiving right from the onset are destructive due to deforestation, resulting in the effects of climate variations we are experiencing now. I am therefore urging all villages to plant more trees, and where more idle land is available, set up woodlots”, said Mpherembe.

Mpherembe made the remarks after the chairperson of Bana Ba Kwa Mzikubola Trust BMT, Misheck Chisi, outlined sectors the organisation will be tackling that include environment and climate change. He said the Trust aims to improve education, agriculture and climate change adaptation.

Misheck Chisi added that in January, 2020, their Trust will be planting trees in the district as one way of showing its commitment in addressing some of the climate change issues.

Among others, Bana Ba Kwa Mzikubola Trust, BMT aims at addressing challenges communities in the area of Inkosi Mzikubola in Mzimba District face in the areas of education, environment and culture.

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