Be agents of excellence and peace, Chimulirenji tells church leaders

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Government has described the church as a great partner in transforming the lives of people through provision of various social services.

Group photo: Vice President Everton Chimulirenji and madame Judith Chimulirenji with delegates with Group photo: Vice President Everton Chimulirenji and madame Judith Chimulirenji with delegates with

Malawi’s Vice President, Everton Chimulirenji made the observation when he officially opened a two-day World Leaders Association Summit in Blantyre on Thursday.


Chimulirenji, who represented President Professor Mutharika, said the current administration recognizes the great role the church plays in the development of this country.


Vice President Everton Chimulirenji addressing the delegates 


He also told the gathering that the Malawi leader respects freedom of worship and values the relationship that exists between his government and the church.


“Having this summit here in Malawi is a great honour to the country, and a great symbol of confidence that other people have towards our nation. We really don’t take your decision for granted.


“We know that your support to government is possible because the church has great leaders, leaders that have the welfare of people at heart,” said Chimulirenji, before announcing K500,000 contribution from the Malawi towards the Summit that has brought together local and foreign church leaders. The Vice President also donated K200,000 towards the gathering.


World Leaders Association’s headquarters is in Michigan, United States of America and has hosted similar leadership summits in various countries like USA, Jamaica, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

He described gathering such as these that bring different leaders together as important platforms where critical decisions are made.


“There is need for excellence and integrity amongst all leaders. There is need for leaders to look for excellence and integrity at all times.


“The summit has come at the right time when Malawi needs more inspirational and transformational leaders to help government shape a direction for Malawi and is good for the citizens,” he explained.


World Leaders Association President Steven Nash


The theme for the two day summit is “Excellence and Integrity”. And in his remarks President for World Leaders Association, Steven Nash said the vision for the Association is to prepare Kingdom leaders for excellence and impact as they carry out God’s work.


“We believe that excellence and integrity must begin with the leadership. Our earnest prayer during the summit is to help equip each of you learn how to become explosive like dynamite, moving forward into your churches, your communities, your country, and the entire world forcefully.


“Let’s learn how to bring all darkness into submission through the knowledge and obedience of our Christ Lord,” Nash.

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