Muslim body condemns violence: Insists ‘Hijab is moral dressing’

Written by  MBC Online

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has condemned the acts of violence that happened in Balaka on 4h November 2019 between Muslims and Anglican Christians after two Muslim girls who were chased away from school for wearing an Islamic head scarf, Hijab.

A Muslim girlputting on a Hijab A Muslim girlputting on a Hijab

In a statement published on Thursday, MAM Secretary General Alhaj Twaibu Lawe said Muslims and their Anglican counterparts have co-existed amicably from time immemorial in promotion of their faiths to their followers.

 “And therefore it is disheartening to not that their co-existence be damaged because of a religious dress,” said Lawe.

Lawe further insisted that putting on Hijab was a moral issue in their religion as stated in the book of Quran.

He, therefore, stated that “government aided school or college should not be prohibiting Muslim female students from adhering to their religious prescription on dressing. School authorities should respect the constitution and thus allow Muslim female students to put on Hijab to all government aided schools.”

On Wednesday, The United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator Maria Jose Torres also expressed disappointment with the fracas and called on all Malawians to respect each other’s religious beliefs and engage in peaceful dialogue to resolve differences.

She called on State authorities to ensure that all people of Malawi are able to exercise their beliefs and cultural practices free from persecution and discrimination.

This incident injured two people and le to the destruction of various properties, including residential houses, M’manga Anglican Church, M’manga primary and community day secondary schools and a mosque.

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