Malawi’s First Couple, VP congratulate, shower gifts to royal wedding celebrants

Written by  Yamikani Simutowe


Malawi’s First Couple President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and the First Lady on Saturday congratulated royal wedding celebrants Inkosi Gomani V and his South African sweetheart Rishakadza Khanyisa Mathebula for tying the knot at Ntcheu CCAP Church in the first ever Maseko Ngoni royal grand wedding.

Inkosi Gomani V and his wife Khanyisa Mathebula Gomani Inkosi Gomani V and his wife Khanyisa Mathebula Gomani

The President, did not attend the colourful wedding reception, but Vice President Everton Chimulirenji, who represented the President, and the First Lady, showered gifts to the celebrating couple, wishing them great happiness in their new life.

Rishakadza, who is from Giyani in Limpopo, in South Africa, becomes the new Maseko Ngoni Queen. She was escorted to the wedding by her clan of 70 people.

This was the first ever Maseko Ngoni royal wedding, which had its share of drama as a Malawian mistress Ovixlexla Gwaza Bunya Gomani, tried to stop the wedding by writing to Ntcheu CCAP , claiming that Gomani fathered her a child and she was the right woman to be married to.

Not to be outdone, Gomani also took a court order restraining the mistress from obstructing the wedding.

But Ovixlexla action could not have done the tricks as the CCAP Church, which is under Blantyre Synod, told her the church was still going to go ahead to officiate the wedding because she did not provide sufficient documents to conclude that there was a marriage between them.

The church’s moderator Rev H. Blea and session clerk L. Kalawang’oma, also cited Malawi laws which stipulate that all marriages including custmary marriage “must have a certificate of marriage.”

The clerics said summons of court proceedings to objection was “in itself not proof of marriage.”

This was a sigh of relief for the royal couple. The young King was dressed in in red outfits often worn by UK royal family, while the bride was in a white wedding dress.

Moderator of the CCAP Blantyre Synod, Reverend Masauko Mbolembole, who led the service of worship for the wedding ceremony, set the mood of the wedding when he asked: Is there anyone in this church who has a just reason that we should not continue with blessing this wedding?”

Nobody objected.

Then he asked the King: “Our King, is there any reason that I should not continue blessing your wedding?”

The smiling King said an emphatic no.

Mbolembole also turned to Khanyisa: “Khanyisa, is there any reason that I should not continue blessing your wedding?” She answered negatively. So did the councilors, aka “ ankhoswe.” The tension was eased and road smiles were all over the church.

The Moderator then continued blessing the wedding, and in his sermon said “marriage comes from the word of God. “

He said after God created earth and heaven, He then created a man.”God then said it was not good for a man to be alone, although man had the authority over al the things that God had created. Then God decided to make a suitable partner for man.”

He advised them to be independent and delink themselves from their back “different backgrounds” to ably appreciate each other.


“Marriage is about suitable partners, who are supposed to contribute positively to each other's life. Marriage is about bringing fulfillment in the life of each other. You must fill the gaps in one's life,” he said.


The CCAP Blantyre Synod Moderator also observed that marriage is also a challenging concept and requires those in marriage to be very understanding and not allow external forces to influence their decision.

“You should build up on new commitment so that you can understand the uniqueness of marriage. You have left your own people to become one flesh. Don't come empty, but be of value to each other. You will always have to know and understand what God want from you and what you will have to be doing.

The officiation ceremony was graced by senior and traditional chiefs, government officials, heads of diplomatic missions, and representatives of Inkosi Mpezeni of Zambia, King Mswati of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) and Inkosikazi's friends from South Africa.

Thereafter, the royal family proceed to a wedding reception at Mkolimbo village in the district, where people of all walks of life graced the event.

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